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Alexander Skarsgård photographed by Steven Pan for GQ Style Australia.

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Kat is the wisest of pimps.

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Anyone who complains about the service anywhere has never had a shitty job. Anyone who has had a shitty job and is not a sociopath does not complain about the service (up to a point) because they know that people are not being paid enough to do the basic aspects of their job, let alone go above and beyond. Nobody with a shitty job is earning enough to survive, so if the cashier didn’t smile at you, well maybe she’s a Bosnian refugee being paid just enough to show up or to forget 1/16 of her troubles but not both, and if the waiter took too long, maybe he’s the only one on tonight because the boss is too cheap to pay three people to do the work of three people, and if the cleaners didn’t get the gum off the carpet, maybe we fucking tried for like 45 minutes and then had to move on and it was your gum to begin with and our list of duties is long and we had to train ourselves and offering nonexistent 1950s-style how-may-I-suck-your-dick-today-sir levels of customer service is not what you get for minimum wage, you get what you goddamn pay for, so get mad at the boss or the company, but not the person not being paid to not act like you’re an entitled ass. Winston Rowntree (via cracked)

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture that so fully summed up what it is to be a cat owner. 


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture that so fully summed up what it is to be a cat owner. 

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Faith in humanity restored - WTF fun facts


Faith in humanity restored - WTF fun facts

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pluviophile (n.) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days (via wanderluster-xo)

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Toddler naps with his 2-month-old puppy every day.

Blogger Jessica Shyba and her family adopted an adorable 7-week-old mutt. They named him Theo. On his third day as part of their family, Theo joined Jessica and her toddler son Beau for afternoon snuggle time. Beau fell asleep and then so did Theo.The next day, he joined in the naptime ritual again. “And so began,” Shyba says, “the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.” Since then, every day Theo waits for Beau to fall asleep and then joins him for his two-hour snooze.

While this isn’t geeky, we thought you should see it. 

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